Options for Sponsoring a Child

Sponsoring a child allows you to directly impact a child's holiday blessings by being matched with a child's story and needs.

There are several ways to make a difference in the lives of the children that Caring for Children helps. Whichever donation option you choose will go a long way to helping these children either during the holidays or at different times through out the year. Here are the sponsor donation possibilities:

  1. Sponsor a Child

    You will receive a personalized story on a child/children with clothing details and special needs and for you and/or your team to take care of those needs. The minimum amount for sponsoring a child is ~$150, and you can sponsor a child individually or as a team.

  2. Sponsor an Adolescent Gift Basket

    This donation option will provide you with a story on an adolescent boy or girl, and will provide you with the basic elements of assembling an appropriate gift basket. The typical amount for assembling a gift basket is $125-$150, and you can register as an individual sponsor or a team. We follow a number of adolescents, so if this option works best for you then your efforts will certainly be put to great use.

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