Options for Monetary Donations to Caring for Children

Raising money through your donations is an integral part of being able to care for these children not only during the holidays, but also throughout the year.

  1. Monetary Donation to Caring for Children (Check/Credit Card)

    This donation option allows you to make a non-descript donation to Caring for Children. All donation monies will help Caring for Children either during the holiday effort, or throughout the year with various education/enrichment programs and child support efforts that Caring for Children manages. Once you have registered for being a monetary donor, a link to make your donation via credit card is provided, or a mailing address is provided if you want to send a check directly to Caring for Children.

  2. Make a Gift Certificate Donation

    This donation option allows a volunteer to make a Gift Certificate donation to Caring for Children. There are a variety of different gift certificates to choose from, and all gift certificates will be utilized to help the children during the holidays or throughout the year. Selecting this donation option will connect you with a list of gift certificate options and an address that where the gift cards can be mailed directly to Caring for Children.

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