Monetary Donation to Caring for Children (Check/Credit Card)

Thank you for choosing to make a monetary donation to Caring for Children. All monies received will go towards delivering services to the children we care for year round. These services include basic needs (i.e., clothing, food vouchers, and financial assistance towards needed services) and enrichment activities (i.e., after school programs, summer camps, tutoring, etc.).

Please fill out the Monetary Donation form (below) so that we can capture who has donated, and be able to keep you updated with any follow-up correspondence and/or charity information that we may communicate throughout the year.

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Donation amount:
Please indicate the amount of your donation. This information is very helpful when tracking donations and planning programs for the children. Leaving the field empty is fine, and as always your generosity and support are appreciated.
Are there any special requests you wish to make Caring for Children aware of?

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