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Story #1

Michael is now a 14 year old boy that was born with a chronic and life threatening illness. Michael is an absolutely delightful and bright young man. He and his mother both are struggling with a chronic disease, but maintain a positive and upbeat look on life. His mother, in search of medications that would save her son’s life, brought Michael to the US as a very young child. Michael comes from a war torn African nation-where treatment is impossible to access. His dedicated and loving mother surpassed incredible odds and obstacles in bringing her child to the U.S. They are extremely grateful for receiving health care in the U.S. Michael is an excellent student and loves all kinds of sports and video games. Mom works very hard to provide for her son as a personal care attendant. Michael is now attending a prestigious high school as a result of his excellent academic record. This family could really use some assistance this holiday season.

Story #2

Adam is followed for a chronic life threatening illness. Adam is now a 12 yr old boy that continues to struggle with a difficult disease-he has several medical complications and is wheelchair bound. Adam is the youngest of 7 children. His oldest siblings are young adults. Some continue to live in the home. Mother has had tremendous difficulties in caring for her children as she, too, struggles with a chronic illness. Adam requires a lot of care-but is verbal and animated and a delightful child. He attends special needs classes and is reportedly doing well in his classes. Adam also attended overnight summer camp this year and did extremely well in this setting. This family has had many difficult times in the last few years-experiencing repeated homelessness and ongoing financial issues and all the additional issues that come with living with a chronic illness. Despite all this they are united as a family and supportive of each other. This family would appreciate any help that they could receive this holiday season.

Story #3

Amy, age 4 lives with her mother Katie who is only 21. Katie is an extremely loving, caring and responsible parent. She was forced to grow up quickly in order to care for her special needs child on her own. She receives very little support from her family. She is now living with a young man who adores Amy. They are also expecting a baby girl in February. Amy is a beautiful little girl who enjoys watching Sponge Bob and listening to music. She also loves to laugh. Amy had been diagnosed with Dandy Walker Syndrome before she was born. Dandy-Walker Syndrome is a congenital brain malformation involving the cerebellum (an area at the back of the brain that controls movement) and the fluid filled spaces around it. She is not yet ambulatory, does not have expressive communication skills and is not independent with activities of daily living. However, Amy has been working extremely hard this year. She is able to hold her own bottle, holds on to the "rope" of her adapted swing and can hold the handles of her adapted tricycle and loves to be pushed around on that. She has a smile that lights up the room! She giggles and will vocalize to get your attention. She is extremely affectionate. One of Amy's favorite activities is eating!!! Amy's mother works part-time to accommodate Amy's school schedule. Money is always tight, yet Amy is always beautifully dressed. Her boyfriend works, but they struggle to make ends meet. This young couple now has a baby girl Valerie. She is all smiles and loves to eat! Just like her big sister! She is a robust, healthy girl!

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