Hello Friends and Family,

Welcome to the 24th Annual Frank and Rosemary Iovieno Caring for Children (Caring for Children) Holiday Effort. First and foremost, the obvious fact is that we are in unprecedented times with the COVID-19 crisis which will create adjustments in our Holiday Effort. However, the Holiday Effort is absolutely moving forward and PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE email to understand everything that is going on and some of the EXCITING NEWS that Caring for Children has initiated.

Last year's 23rd Holiday Effort was a milestone event for Caring for Children as we exceeded helping 550+ children for the first time through the participation and generosity of thousands of sponsors (corporate and individual sponsorship). These children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses (siblings included) are located throughout all of MA and upstate NY.

Our objective for this year is to provide the opportunity to as many people who “can” participate, who are interested in participating, and who are looking for a positive experience amidst everything going on, to make a difference in the lives of these children. Caring for Children will remain as flexible as possible to enable those who can and want to participate to do so, and we’ll help as many children as possible.

Once you have read the entire message you can go to this link and select the registration option you prefer for participating again this year - http://www.frankccc.com/activities/holiday.cfm.

Due to the COVID crisis we will not be able to have our traditional Wrapping Party. Therefore, this year we will have a Gift Drop-Off (GDO) event. The GDO will be either Saturday Dec. 12th, or Sunday Dec. 13th. I am working out the details for the GDO, and once I have all the GDO specifics I will be in-touch with everyone who is participating and sponsoring children. However, expect a scenario where you drop off your fully wrapped and bagged gifts without being able to celebrate like we typically do.

Attending the GDO is “NOT” a requirement for participating in the Holiday Effort. If you cannot make the GDO when it is confirmed, I would be happy to work with you about alternatives for delivering your gifts. Or, if you live outside the area, I can discuss alternatives for delivering/mailing the gifts.

For a full description of the charity, the effort, the history, etc. check-out http://www.frankccc.com. All gifts and donations are tax deductible since Caring for Children is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

There are a variety of options for those who want to participate:

1) Sponsoring a child/children– If you would like to directly sponsor a child and receive a personal story on the child with the details you need for shopping for them, then please visit this page and register on the “Sponsor a Child or Family” link - http://www.frankccc.com/activities/holiday.cfm.

Caring for Children recommends that $150 is the minimum amount needed to sponsor a child to maintain the equity among the children sponsored, and cover the clothing and special needs of the child. However, Caring for Children also promotes group efforts in sponsoring children to keep the financial aspect comfortable for those participating. Please sign-up by November 20th if you want to be matched-up before Thanksgiving. You can register later than November 20th but the earlier the better, and we will do everything we can to match you before T-day or as soon as possible.

2) Monetary Donation - If you want to make a monetary donation then please visit this page and register through the “Monetary Donation” link -

Note: If you are making a monetary donation, once you register you will be provided with details for using a credit card, or directions for mailing-in your donation (to avoid fees being taken from your donation).

Monetary donations can occur at any time and are vital for not only supporting the numerous children that we help who are not directly sponsored during the holidays, but also for allowing us to help children throughout the year.All gifts and money donations are tax deductible.

3) Gift Card Donation - If you want to make a gift card donation then please visit this page and register through the “Gift Certificate Donation” link - http://www.frankccc.com/activities/holiday.cfm.

Additional details about the types of gift cards that are recommended will be provided.

4) Sponsor an Adolescent Gift Basket - If you would like to sponsor an adolescent through a Gift Basket made up of primarily gender-specific gift cards then please visit this page and register through the “Adolescent Gift Basket” link -

Please pass this email on to others who you think might be interested.  ;The charity has thrived and evolved over 24 years through organic growth and word of mouth…so please feel free to spread the invite to participate.

EXCITING NEWS: The Caring for Children Foundation has partnered with Amazon Smile to enable all of your Amazon purchases to have a percentage (.5%) go to the Caring for Children Foundation. How it works is easy, simply click on this link - https://smile.amazon.com/ch/14-1835785 - and you will get directed to shopping on Amazon through the Caring for Children Foundation page with Amazon Smile and everything you purchase either for the child you are sponsoring OR in-general throughout the year will have the percentage of your purchases go to Caring for Children. It’s a great way to double-dip on the gifts you are purchasing for your sponsored child, and to support Caring for Children’s year-round efforts whenever you are shopping on Amazon throughout the year.

EXCITING NEWS II: We have established a greater presence on Facebook through this new Caring for Children page - https://www.facebook.com/caring.for.children.foundation. Please go to this page and “Like” the page and you can keep up with Caring for Children news not only during the holidays, but also throughout the year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at jiovieno@frankccc.com or call me at 617-905-8174. Thank you for your time in reading and considering this opportunity. I wish all of you a great holiday season filled with as much fun as possible. Stay safe and healthy…Peace and Happiness to you and yours.

John Iovieno, President
Frank and Rosemary Iovieno Caring for Children Foundation