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Holiday Effort | Gift ideas

In lieu of sponsoring a child, any one of these monetary or gift certificate donation options would be a wonderful way to help the children we care for. All donations are tax deductible and will allow us to help the children we follow, especially the children not sponsored directly by volunteers.

All donations, monetary or gift certificate, can be mailed directly to the Caring for Children mailing address.

1. Monetary donations
2. Clothing Gift Certificates
3. Toys R Us Gift Certificates
4. Movie Certificates/Passes
5. Book Store Certificates
6. Food/Grocery Gift Certificate
7. Music Gift Certificate
8. Miscellaneous Ideas

If you would like to participate in the Frank and Rosemary Iovieno Caring for Children Foundation, then there are a number of gift options to chose from to make a difference in the lives of these children.

1. Monetary Donations: Donation money is the best option for making a difference in the lives of the children we follow in lieu of sponsoring a child. All monies received will go towards delivering services to the children we care for year round. These services include basic needs (i.e., clothing, food vouchers, and financial assistance towards needed services) and enrichment activities (i.e., after school programs, summer camps, tutoring, etc.). Please make the check payable to Frank and Rosemary Iovieno Caring for Children, and mail the gift to the mailing address.

2. Clothing Gift Certificates: Gift certificates to Old Navy, Marshall's, TJMaxx, Target, Wal-Mart, or K-Mart are excellent gifts for families. These stores are ubiquitous around the Boston area and families are usually able to get to these locations.

3. Toys R Us Gift Certificates: Toys R Us stores are also located at a number of sites around Boston and the families can usually make their way to a location. This is an excellent option if you want the families to be able to get toys for the children, although clothing is typically more practical for them.

4. Movie Certificates/Passes: This is a great idea, since often going to the movies can be too expensive for the children we help. Therefore, Loews or General Cinema movies certificates are a great idea, and these locations are accessible throughout the Boston area (any quantity of tickets is welcome).

5. Book Store Certificates: Gift certificates to Barnes and Noble, B. Dalton, or Borders Books are excellent alternative gift ideas. They allow the children we help to expand their knowledge through books.

6. Food/Grocery Gift Certificate: Food/Grocery gift certificates can be utilized by the families year round, and especially around the holiday season. A gift certificate at Star Market/Shaw's, Stop and Shop, or Victory would be appropriate since these markets tend to be extremely accessible around the Boston area.

7. Music Gift Certificate: The children we help, like most kids, love music but typically they don't have the means to buy it. Therefore, gift certificate to Tower Records, Newbury Comics, or Strawberries is an excellent choice.

8. Miscellaneous Ideas: If you have another idea for a gift other than one of the ideas listed above, please contact Caring for Children to discuss it so that we can make sure it's appropriate and meets the need of the child.

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