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Updated November 1, 2010

Caring for Children has officially kicked-off our 14th Annual Holiday Effort. We are hoping to build upon our successes over the last 13 years, and exceed the 240 children that we supported during last year’s effort.

If you want to sponsor a child then click here

If you want to donate money that will support the holiday effort, or our year-round education or enrichment activities then please click here

The Wrapping Party will be Saturday, December 11th in West Newton where we have had the Wrapping Party the last 5 years. Additional details about the Wrapping Party will follow shortly.

Updated December 7, 2009

Welcome to our new website. We have just redesigned the website to be more current and provide more information to our sponsors, donors and visitors. A huge thanks goes out to the dedication and time commitment of a few talented individuals. This is the first stage of the website revision project so there may be some areas "under construction" or that will change or need additional content. We appreciate your understanding as we go through this multi-phase process. Please feel free to provide your feedback on the site through our Contact Us section, as we value your opinions.

We are in the middle of our Thirteenth Annual Holiday Effort and 2009 is shaping up to be another great year! Once again, in the face of an on-going economic downturn, Caring for Children is in line to support more children and families than ever before through the incredible generosity of numerous sponsors and donors like yourself!

The Wrapping Party 2009 will be held Saturday, December 12th from 1:00-5:00pm at the Learning Prep School in West Newton, Massachusetts. The Learning Prep School is on the St. Bernard's Church Property, and has a cafeteria area that is perfect for wrapping and celebrating. Plenty of food and drink will be available.

We are pleased to announce that Santa Claus will once again be coming to town, and will be arriving around 3:00pm. It also appears that there will likely be some media coverage! Please contact us for further details.


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