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Since its founding in 1997 by John Iovieno, The Frank and Rosemary Iovieno Caring for Children Foundation (Caring for Children) has been providing financial assistance and support to children who are suffering with life threatening illnesses and economic challenges. Initially, Caring for Children was focused on providing assistance only during the holidays to children living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Boston area. For instance, during the charities initial year in 1997, Caring for Children provided basic need assistance to thirty children and their families through the generosity of fifty individual donors and sponsors.

However, since our humble beginnings in 1997, Caring for Children has grown substantially. Last year during our 21st Anniversary Holiday Effort, the charity reached a new milestone in helping over 450 children and their families living throughout Massachusetts and Upstate New York. The Foundation coordinates its charitable activities with 11 programs across eight different hospitals from Boston to Albany.

Due to the significant advances in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, the total pediatric population in need of our help has begun to decline. Therefore, over the past several years Caring for Children has proactively evolved in two ways:

  1. Expanded the geographic scope of the charity- The Foundation now serves a total of 11 programs across eight hospitals from Boston to Albany.

  2. 2. Evolving our reach beyond HIV/AIDS to also include assisting children suffering from numerous physical and developmental issues, including Sickle Cell Anemia, chromosomal abnormalities, pediatric palliative issues, etc. This was a natural evolution for a charity named Caring for Children.

In 2012, the Iovieno family lost our matriarch when Rosemary Iovieno passed away in March. However, our family and the board were unanimous in our belief that Mom’s name be properly honored by changing the name of the charity to The Frank and Rosemary Iovieno Caring for Children Foundation.

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