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Dedication - Frank Iovieno

In 2000, the charity name was changed from "Caring for Children at Christmas (CCC)" to "The Frank Iovieno Caring for Children Foundation." This was done to honor Frank Iovieno who had recently passed away. Frank is the father of John and Phil Iovieno, two members of the charity’s Board of Directors, as well as Amy Iovieno and Jeanne Iovieno-Jacobs.

Frank Michael Iovieno was a man with many great qualities. In addition to being a devoted husband, father, and brother, he was a loyal friend to many. Throughout his life Frank led by example, demonstrating through his actions how rewarding it is to think of and care for others. He made a lasting difference in many lives. Frank particularly loved children, and when Caring for Children was first started by John Iovieno in 1997, Frank made it very clear how proud and supportive he was of this effort. Therefore, after Frank passed away suddenly in March 2000, we decided that The Caring for Children Foundation should be permanently renamed in his honor.